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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 3, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. it's friday april third. welcome to "way too early." for the first time in decades the u.s. and iran are looking at each other as partners on the heals of a nuclear deal that both sides are celebrates. the two countries along with a group of world powers agreed to limit a teheran's nuclear program. still plenty of questions remain particularly from members in congress. first, the specifics. iran would reduce centrifuged. and limit its ability to produce plutonium. in exchange the u.s. would begin lifting economic sanctions. under the deal the white house says it would take iran at least a year to develop a bomb far longer than the current estimates of two to three months but the limits would only last for ten years after which iran could step up production. after fifteen years teheran
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could produce as much material as it wanted. president obama is calling it historic. still it is clear the president is anticipating push back from capitol hill. >> so when you hear the inevitable critics of the deal sound off, ask them a simple question. do you really think that this verifiable deal if fully compliment impmented is a worse option than the risk of a war in the middle east. is it worst than doing what we've done for almost two decades with iran moving forward with its nuclear problem without robust inspections? i think the answer is clear. >> some fascinating scenes overnight. the president's address was scene by iranians. many of them were jubilant but
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for the u.s. and allies emotions range from guarded on the michl to despair. we have been covering the talks. >> the u.s. and iran are trumpeting the deal but others are deeply skeptical. israel called it a historic mistake. the prime minister tweeting any deal must roll back iran's nuclear capabilities and stop its terrorism and aggression. and israel has surprising country. much of the arab world agrees that the nuclear ambitions of the country cannot be trusted. that includes saudi arabia. >> everybody wants a good deal that prevents iran from developing an atomic bomb. >> but the agreement was becomed by many in iran desperate to get out from under economic sanctions. >> reporter: when the news of the deal reached teheran some people went to the main squares in the city honking horns and flashing signs celebrating the
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news. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister speaking after days of negotiations sought to reassure the skeptics that iran's nuclear ambitions are strictly peaceful. >> we have decided to take steps for a period of time to assure anybody who had concerns our program is exclusively peaceful has always been and will always remain that way. >> it did not take long for potential 2016 candidates to react to president obama's announcement of a nuclear deal with iran and it would be an understatement to say republicans are not pleased. jeb bush called it a flawed agreement saying these negotiations began by president obama's own admission as an effort to deny iran nuclear capabilities but instead will only question jit miez nose activities. from governor scott walker the dangerous deal with iran rewards an enemy, undermines allies and threatens our safety.
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and mike huckabee tweeted letting them have nuclear devices makes no more sense than giving a pyromaniac a can of gas and box of matches. others also took twitter to criticize the agreement but hillary clinton seemed supportive of a deal saying in part quote, this i know well that the devil is always in the details in this kind of negotiation. this is much to do and much more to say in the months ahead but for now, diplomacy serves a chance to succeed. meanwhile tom cotton the man who wrote the controversial warning all right to iran says he will do everything he can to oh stop the deal. >> the proposal is a list of concessions. they get to continue using underground fortified military bunker. this is a complete capitulation by the united states and a sad day for your country. my duty as a senator working
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with my colleagues is to put an end to this proposal and to stop this deal from going forward. >> more on that straight ahead on "morning joe." nearly 150 people are now dead after a shocking attack at a kenya university what that we first told you about yesterday. the massacre lasted for for hours before they killed the gunman. it is the worst attack in kenya since the bombing in 1998 and this is the man kenya believes is the master mind of the attack. he is the leader of an elite al shabaab unit. richard angle has more. >> reporter: the attack began before dawn. witnesses say masked gunmen entered the campus through the dormitory. students awoke to gunfire. most of the injured were students. so were the dead. survivors say the attacker separated christians from
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muslims. christians were shot. muslims freed. a student says he escaped by jumping out a window but hundreds of others were still trapped inside. you could hear gunshots and explosions explosions. >> reporter: the college is in the northeast of kenya. it took two hours for ken yan reinforcements to arrive. u.s. counterterrorism officials tell us once the ken yans did arrive, they were descythe siesive, moving in and fighting. the president took to the air waves to try to calm his nation. >> we continue to pray for the quick recovery of the injured. >> reporter: al shabaab claimed responsibility almost immediately. the militant group carried out a similar attack on a shopping mall in 2013. >> you competing terror groupsed in world. they have to attack on the
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larger scale. >> reporter: the kenya government accused a man that is an elite leader of the al shabaab group. >> it is the result of a officials looking up what lubitz searched on his ipad in his final days. officials are hoping a key discovery at the crash site helps solve some of the many unanswered questions. katie terr has the latest. >> in the french alps recovery workers say they've recovered smashed cell phones larger pieces of wreckage and finally in a ravine the normally orange fight data recorder looking badly burned and black. investigators say they are hopeful the data remains intact. inside the german wings second black box french investigators hope to learn what the co-pilot
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was doing when he was alone in the cockpit and whether just before the plane began its steep descent the auto pilot has been manually changed to 100 feet as the tracking radar suggested last week. meanwhile inside his apartment, german investigators hope to learn more about who he was and why he would allegedly crash the plane. they released some of what they found on the tablet computer. the user name the personal correspondents and the search words carry the conclusion that the device was used by the co-pilot. from march 16th to march 23rd the week leading up to the crash they say he studied methods of committing suicide and that he spent several minutes on cockpit doors and security measures. >> after days of mounting
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criticism, indiana and arkansas have changed laws that supporters say protect religious freedoms. we report on what two grovers hope is the last chapter in the saga that reignited the culture wars in america. >> reporter: they announced an unlikely compromise. >> religious rights and other rights can co-exist in harmony. >> indiana passed a religious freedom law. the new language spells out the law does not authorize a provider to refuse to offer or provide services on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. >> why wasn't this language included in the first place? >> honestly the language wasn't needed to clarify the statute legally. it is needed to clarify it in the perception and we fixed it. >> did you misinterpret the bill.
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>> one of the origin law's backers remains defiant. >> you're going to jeopardize the freedom of a christian man to be forced into doing something against their religious belief. >> arkansas signed a revision also. >> this bill is bipartisan and has received overwhelming support in both houses and protects religious freedom. >> indiana did that also as the spotlight shifts to the final four. >> two new york women arrested in planning a domestic terror attack. the women are 28 and 31 and u.s. citizens are now being held without bail. according to the department of justice, and an fbi informant, the suspects gathered some of the materials used in attacks like the '93 world trade center bombing. and the boston marathon bombing. the federal complaint alleges
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one of the women had become obsessed with pressure cookers. still authorities say they weren't far along in their plans and an attorney for one of the women says she plans to plead not guilty. separately an american citizen has been flown to new york half being captured by pakistani intention and handed over. he's accused of rising in the ranks to be a top al qaeda operative. a man is back with his family this morning. he was rescued yesterday about 200 miles off the coast of north carolina. he set sail january 23rd rd in a sailboat and his father reported him missing a week later. the coast guard says he was found floating on the overturned hull of his boat. he says he drank rain water, caught fish with a net and rationed food he packed for his trip to survivor. >> i'm just -- i feel blessed
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and full of love and grateful to be with my family and with people again. you know i feel grateful to have the opportunity to live to do what i want to do which is to produce some sort of fruit in my life. something valuable. something to make the world a better place. that's all that matters. >> still ahead on "way too early," new numbers show what may be holding back the potential 2016 republican contenders, plus an update on frank underwood's bid. and the ncaa crowns a new three-point champ. would the guys have had a better chance if perhaps they shot like a girl. those stories and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes back. >> i'm not worried about anything. i'm not fearing any man. mine eyes have seen the glory of
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the coming of the lord.
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post poll shows when it comes to image the republican field has room for imfroouchlt. all of them exempt for jeb bush suffer from a lack of name recognition. only hillary clinton has a net positive but his numbers have fallen nine percent since january. when asked who they would support today, they most often chose jeb bush. it is time for sports. tomorrow duke takes on michigan state and undefeated kentucky plays plays plays wisconsin to decide the
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championship. i'm excited. all top seeds contending since sunday. notre dame takes on south carolina and uconn faces maryland. last night there was a three-point and slam dunk contest. portland's cassandra brown wraps up the women's competition and then defeats the guy's winner in a champion shoot out. in the dunk contest, cotton takes the victory after slamming it home. how awesome is this. at a spring training game yesterday a crowd member dyes out and misses by a mile and spills almost his enteerire beer. someone must have felt bad for
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him because he's tossed a ball once he makes it to his feet. i need to make sure that's not my daughter's boyfriend. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins who says he's going to be wearing shorts and bright yellow crocks. i don't want to know about your private life. just go. >> still a tough decision. serious weather this morning. the worst weather we're going to have by far throughout the next three days. the louisville area almost four inches of range. there is some nasty storms through kentucky. that's the worst of it. later today possibility of additional tornadoes and if we look toward memphis, in the clear but north strong storms over the boot of missouri. as far as the severe weather goes today, this will regenerate this afternoon. a large area of the deep south from central mississippi north, watch out in nashville this evening and northern alabama, and a couple of tornadoes today,
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maybe even one or two strong tornados. hopefully they're not near any cities of towns. forecasts throughout today. notice how warm we have r in boston. finally 67 degrees. snow banks will be melting fast. saturday, we clear it out in the middle of the country. northern new england, a cold rain and you will have to shovel a little bit of kneesnow in extreme new england. just a little wetter than we'd like from dallas through arkansas. it's rough. louisville area this morning and kentucky, a lot of bad weather. >> we'll see you on "morning joe." coming up the price was wrong. but the contestant still walked away with a brand new car. more on the mistake that led this price is right model to hide her face in shame. what happened? we'll be right back.
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in those around them as early as age two. that's the same age they begin adopting the attitude and vocabulary of their parents. so use that opportunity to let your children know that it's okay to not only talk about our differences, but to celebrate them. that's a lesson they're never too young to learn. the more you know. >> so we're going to go to lewis with the other headlines. joe says i look like a peep. >> i think you look great. >> i love it. this is the coolest dress. >> i'm an easter egg. >> if you're a big fan of the price is right. sometimes it takes a little bit of skill but mainly it takes a
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lot of luck to win big especially when it comes down to the new car but on thursday the contestant didn't have to try very hard thanks to the helping hand of a price is right model. >> no. oh. >> i won it. >> congratulations. she just gave you a car. >> man, i feel terrible for her. shortly after the ep sideisode she joked about it on twitter. she tweeted you're welcome. she also made it clear that producers and the host were completely understanding and that she was not in trouble. i love this story. the best part of the show is when you see someone win. >> that lady was so cute. >> i think she's okay. >> good news for netflix, it's
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official. frank and claire underwood will be returning. this comes on the heels of a sag award and now we get to see how he fares in his first national election. in the meantime, show has tweeted i will leave a legacy 2016. the fourth season is set to start production this summer. jimmy fallon was with first lady. the two hit the dance for on a tribute to mom dance movers also known as the evolution of mom dancing. check it out. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> first lady showing off jimmy fallon. >> that's funny. maybe we should revive our dance. remember that? that's weird. thank you, rue wis. >> a lot going on. obviously barack obama very excited about the preliminary agreement to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons but there is a lot of backlash against the deal this morning. we're going to be talking to the
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tomorrow former secretary of state and see what she thinks about the state. also current secretary of state. former u.s. ambassador and many more going to be looking back at what was said yesterday. a lot more positives than many people expected. a disturbing live report from jeremy where new evidence suggests this intentional crash was not a spur of the moment decision. this story gets worse by the moment. we're going to tell you what investigators found on the suspect's computer and a timely discussion about faith on this good friday and the start of passover. two voices from the clergy join us and a lot more than that. it is a packed show on "morning joe." stick around. we'll be right back. i love my mileageplus® explorer card. we're saving our united miles... ...for a trip to hawaii. we love free checked bags. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees.
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♪ this deal is not based on
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trust. it's based on unprecedented verification. and it is a good deal. >> we have stopped a psycho that was not in the interest of anybody. >> the iranians want acceptance they want respect for their sovereignty. we want dates. we want times. we want numbers. >> if they don't earn the world's confidence then we have every option available to us then that is available to us today. >> first, they'll have to persuade congress and iran's skeptical neighbors. >> if congress kills this deal then it's the united states that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. >> religious rights and individual rights can coexist in harmony. >> the agreement follows intense national backlash when indian in passed a religious freedom law. arkansas's governor signed a revised version of that state's religious freedom bill. >> this bill is bipartisan it protects religious freedom. >> i was wondering how he was going to get out of this but i think he did very well. >> this whole


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